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Revlon anti breakage treatment
Rinse out conditioner with cholesterol. Specifically formulated with a blend of conditioners and moisturisers to correct porosity leaving hair looking and feeling silky soft
Price: £6.99
Blue magic argan oil
Vitamin E leave in conditioner restores hair's natural moisture balance. Nourishes dry hair 390g
Price: £4.99
Moroccon oil hair treatment
Helps stop breakage and repairs split ends provides intense conditioning alcohol free
Price: £12.98
Blue magic organics
Herbal hair & scalp conditioner 340g
Price: £4.99
Blue magic tea tree oil
Its a leave in styling conditioner non greasy formula ideal for dry scalp
Price: £4.99
360 stylin afro hair softener
Soften and moisturise all textures of hair. Adds sheen and moisture to dry hair. Excellent for creating and maintaining afro, braided and texturised styles.
Price: £4.99
Sofn'free nutri-feed olive oil moisturiser
Helps to nourish and revitalize dry fragile hair.Imparts a healthy gloss and improves texture and styling flexibility. Wont weigh hair down
Price: £5.99
Scalp tissue oil serum
Blend of natural healing oils help to moisturise and repair scalp. Use weekly to remove flakes and relieve itching.
Price: £4.99
Under wig intense scalp treatment
Intense scalp treatment with shea butter and rainforest cupaucu butter to moisturise dry scalp.Relieves scalp from itching and soothes irritated scalp all while wearing your wig.
Price: £7.99
Under wig hair & scalp serum
For smoother hair strengthen & repair damaged hair
Price: £7.99
Olive oil cream
It absorbs and nourishes ideal for sensitive skin really soothes and softens skin
Price: £6.00
Design control gel
Holds hair in place non-flaking and protein conditioner helps replace moisture in the hair
Price: £1.50
Super protein styling gel
maximum hold ideal for updo's pin-ups & twist
Price: £6.99
DAX pomade hair treatment product
Ideal for dry brittle hair that breaks short at the end prevents breakage and dryness
Price: £6.50
Marcel curling wax
Premium styling wax for curling & waving it helps to maintain hair setting holds curls and waves in place longer then normal wax
Price: £5.00
Nail extension tips
gold and black design will do 10 sets of french maniure nails
Price: £9.99
Nail extension tips
Tips for french manicure , will do 10 sets of nails
Price: £9.99
Vitmin E cream
250g of vitmin e cream
Price: £2.50
Cuticle stick
10 cuticle sticks
Price: £1.00
Nail file
Pack of 10 files
Price: £3.50
Nail polish
24 different colours and shades
Price: £2.00
Cuticle oil
Great product for dry cuticles
Price: £2.50
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